For sale, Business premise - LJ. MOSTE

Type of property: Business premise -

Size: 1612 m2

Constructed: 2021


Floor: 5/6


Region: LJ-mesto

Reg. subunit: Lj. Moste-Polje

Settlement: LJ-Moste

Price: 3.689.000,00 EUR

1.612 m², business premises, built in 2021, 2 to 7 floor., newly constructed, offices with underground parking, for sale., ROI - 9% Price: 3.689.000,00 EUR

Additional description

ZELENA ŠMARTINKA (GREEN SHMARTINKA): business premises from 2.-7. floors, with the complex on the 6th floor also having a beautiful terrace, with an even more beautiful view, which stretches along the entire corner of the building Zelena Šmartinka, along Šmartinska and Flajšmanova streets. The facility has a very good logistical connection on one side to the BTC business centre, the Moste industrial zone and the Motorway Ring and on the other to the City Center. In "VOGAL", (CORNER) there are 6 floors of business premises, where each represents an independently completed whole by floors, and they function as an independent office building. Floors 2-5 are the same size, the 6th has a terrace along the entire outer perimeter, the 7th is slightly smaller. All floors have access from the basement garages as well as from the road via the reception on the ground floor. Together they form an independent unit. On the first floor and ground floor in the entire project, separate from the CORNER, there are also a few different business premises, different square meters and structures, as well as purpose and larger apartments. "VOGAL" (CORNER): On the ground floor, where the entrance from the external arcade corridor and from the basement garages is planned, there is a common reception, two elevators (connection from the garages to the floors of the business part) and a staircase. On floors 2-7, business premises will be implemented as independent units per floor, presumably with offices, meeting rooms and service rooms. In the first basement there are storage rooms, in the second and third there are private parking spaces and garages. There are also parking spaces for visitors on the first basement floor. The space will be completed mostly by the 4th construction phase, partly by the key. Common and private service rooms (toilets, staircases, kitchenette, cleaning room…) will be completed, while installations (convection heaters without masks, ventilation supply…) will be brought to the central room. In other rooms, screeds, gypsum-cardboard walls with insulation on the walls adjacent to the common areas, final floors, finishing elements and the like will not be included in the initial advertised price. Business premises from 2.-7. belongs 36 parking spaces and 4 garages (basement). The price does not include 22% VAT paid by the buyer. We offer free advice to an architect with many years of experience in adaptations, interior design and construction of business premises and office buildings. The construction of the entire project is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2021. ROI - 9% @all rights reserved Arhidea d.o.o.


Seller: Maxinvest
Address: Štihova ulica 13, 1000 Ljubljana, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 51 667 173