About us

We are licenzed real estate agents, working for Buyers. Our activities related to help You buy a property in Slovenia within your best interests.

We provide and gather information on neighbourhood, homes, plots, commersial premises and help to avoid potential pitfalls, write and negotiate an offer for you, guide you through the buying process until you get the keys to your new property.

We are your realtor to help you with following:

  • Educate you on the neighbourhood, regions, towns of Slovenia;
  • Help looking for properties;
  • Share our network & make recommendations;
  • Prepare a legally binding contract to ensure your safety;
  • Negotiate an offer's price and terms;
  • Perform due diligence;
  • Help to finalize loose ends for closing;
  • Put your best interests first with a fiduciary duty;
  • Avoid buying with the listing agent.