For sale, - LJ. BEŽIGRAD

Type of property: -

Size: 5451 m2





Region: LJ-mesto

Reg. subunit: Lj. Bežigrad

Settlement: Lj. Bežigrad

Price: 4.090.000,00 EUR

5,451 m², buildable, building land, Land in the size of 5,451 m² intended for commercial housing construction, for sale. Price: 4,090,000.00 EUR

Additional description

The subject of the sale is a land plot of 5,451 m2 in the location of Ljubljana Bežigrad, in one of the most prestigious parts of Ljubljana, for both business and residential construction. It is possible to buy two plots with a total size of 11,120m2, each of which forms its own whole. Municipal detailed spatial plan (OPPN) has already started to be made for the plot and is in the phase of making preliminary projects. So the location is extremely interesting. It is just right away from the strict city center. It is located relatively close to the Tivoli City Park, the elite Bežigrad Gymnasium and the Danila Kumar International Elementary School. Nearby is all the necessary infrastructure, such as shops and other service activities. The location represents a final part of the newly formed Parmova Street. Nearby is a stadium, where new residential and business facilities are also planned. It is also very well accessible to the highway ring. POSSIBILITY OF CONSTRUCTION: The plot is intended for commercial residential construction, for which it is necessary to prepare an Municipal detailed spatial plan ( OPPN). For the business part, it is an ideal position along Drenikova ulica, which is the main traffic connection between Bežigrad and Šiška, and allows quick access to the city center, Bežigrad and Šiška, as well as to the AC ring. The apartments should be oriented to the inner part of the plot, direction North and East. It is possible to build a building where the apartments on the higher floors would be distributed over the entire floor, and on the lower floors on the inside, which would also avoid excessive noise from the road. It is currently possible to carry out the removal, maintenance and reconstruction of facilities. Land use: CU central area of central activities Minimum 30% business building required Permitted construction: UGr2 + Gr + 8F Built-in factor: 50% Gross sales area (estimated): 10,350 m2 Sales area net (estimated): 7,555 m2 (business 2,980 m2, residential 4,575). Parking spaces are provided in the basement and outside CURRENT SITUATION: On the part of the plot there is a building in which there was a car showroom and service. (floor plan 35m × 35 m, superstructure 9.70 m × 35 m) Access to the facilities is from Samova and Podmilščakova streets. The triangle between Janševa, Samova and Podmilščakova streets is currently used for parking. Janševa cesta is owned by Municipality. Net area of existing buildings: 2,238.10 m2 Basic information about the property: Property type: Land plot (building land) Purpose: CU - Central activities Land area: 5.451 m2


Seller: Maxinvest
Address: Štihova ulica 13, 1000 Ljubljana, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 51 667 173